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Attention: If You're Tired, Fed-Up, Frustrated, or Burned Out from Internet Marketing,
If You're Struggling with Traffic, Products, Income, Tech Stuff,
Looking For the Perfect Solution -- or Are Even Starting From Scratch...

Leaked & Brand New:
"Who Else Wants to Know:
How I Generated An Extra
$4200+ Per Month
(Starting Over From Scratch)
From Just 45 Minutes Per Day?"


Without Squeeze Pages, Sales Letters, Emails,
or Even a Website of My Own...

From: Lance Tamashiro & Robert Plank
Date: Monday, 8:38AM

Dear Frustrated (But Smart) Marketer,

Do you remember the first time you discovered Internet marketing? Do you remember how excited you were during those first couple of days about the possibilities? Do you remember the dreams you were sold?

Quick Question #1:
Is Internet Marketing FACT or FICTION?

I don't know about you, but here's what I wanted, here's what I was told, and here's what I believed about my "ideal" online business:

  1. I could set my own hours (morning, noon, or night)
  2. I could sleep in as late as I wanted (and do it on my own time)
  3. I could do it all from my house in my pajamas, or while on the road across America, or from any country in the world (freedom)
  4. I could pause or quit anytime I wanted (no commitment)
  5. I could literally put in just 5 to 45 minutes per day, and literally see money coming in every day (easy lifestyle)
  6. I could ramp it all up within a month or two (I don't want to wait years)

Whether you're looking to make ends meet, get out of debt, add another income stream, or build up your nest egg for the future... wouldn't a simple one thousand dollars, five thousand, ten thousand dollars or more in the very near future accelerate the progress towards your next life milestone?

Let me ask you something even more important:

Quick Question #2:
How Much?

How much money would it take (per month) to quit your job, buy that house (or at least cover the down payment), retire (even 5 years earlier), get out of debt, or just increase your income by 10 percent per month?

  • Cover the costs of your websites, office equipment, or cell phone bill
  • Have enough money to hire a virtual assistant
  • Generate extra spending money or gas money
  • Lease a BMW or Jaguar
  • Cover the cost of renting an office
  • Build up an emergency cash cushion in your bank account
  • Save up enough for a nice vacation
  • Lease a Tesla
  • Pay for your kids' college fund or car payments
  • Have enough money to hire an employee
  • Afford a bigger house or apartment
  • Pay off your mortgage early
  • Max out your retirement account
  • Buy a second home or third car
  • Replace your day job income

Note: How much money you make is entirely up to you. The above is simply what WE would do with that extra spending money.

Pay very close attention to this web page because we're about to reveal what you can do, starting today, to ACTUALLY make money online.

Whatever up's, down's, and plateau's you've experienced in your online journey to-date, I sincerely believe it's far from over. I also know that because you've made your way to this web page, and are reading these words in front of you, you are somewhat dissatisfied or at least BORED with the current direction you're heading.

I would even guess that if I could show you how to make $96-$307 dollars per hour online, without a list, traffic, product, joint ventures, or name recognition (in fact, an almost "anonymous" stream of income) then you'd be interested in replacing your current efforts with this easy income stream, add this "45 minute per day" method to your various streams of income, or even outsourcing tasks to an employee, family member, friend, or idiot neighbor.

Quick Question #3:
Is It All "Your Fault?"

Hint: No, it's not your fault (at least, not yet)...
if you're disappointed or even a little discouraged about the amount of money you're making online each month.

Walt Disney was fired from a local newspaper for a lack of creativity. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her TV news casting job after just 7 months.

Howard Schultz was rejected by 242 banks for a business loan, and went on to create Starbucks. Any past "mistakes or "learning experiences" of yours were just stepping stones toward your inevitable success.

Here's what you were told: push a button, setup a website, click these buttons. It wasn't so simple, was it?

Follow your passion, find a niche, write a book, build it and they will come, do what you love and the money will follow. "They" told you to create a website and the traffic would work itself out. So would the money.

What happened? I'll tell you: most "make money online" courses left out the most important ingredient: TRAFFIC!

What good is the best book, the coolest blog, the highest converting opt-in page, if no one sees it?

Unfortunately, the typical marketer teaching you traffic doesn't give you a repeatable system. Get some high-profile marketers to promote you, they say. Build up a Twitter list, they say. Create an opt-in page and you'll get 10,000 subscribers in no time...

Remember why you got started? You wanted to crack the code, find someone who's already blazed the trail you want to travel, and follow the easy money making systems to "extract cash" from the Internet.

If you solved your traffic problem, you'd solve your money problem!

But instead of giving you the typical "lip service" telling you to optimize your meta tags, buy some ads, and create value, can I show you the simple shortcut? Can I tell you how to master traffic (and therefore your income) without geeking out about WordPress, SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, or PPC (pay per click)?

The Ultimate Solution:
Use A Site with Built-In Traffic...

Why do sites like Google, Facebook, and Bing suck for traffic... but you can post something on Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay and it's easy to get (even a small) sale?

Answer: because the visitors on these "buying" sites are almost 100% buyers. They're looking for a place to spend money.

Consider a site like Fiverr. This is a job site where business owners looking to outsource quick jobs for $5 to $500.

In fact, here's just one Fiverr "gig" we provide that's been viewed over 1.7 million times:


Here's a community where graphic designers might design logos for $150 apiece, and fulfill over 330 orders per week. Or a webpage copywriter charges $5 for every 50 words, or a video hobbyist charges $5 for every 100 words spoken on video. Others sell digital products such as e-books. Yet others make money simply recording "case studies" for webpages and software. Even others will buy a special $80 piece of software, and make $20 every time he pushes the button to create that software...

And Like We Said:
Everyone on Fiverr (Who Isn't Selling) is Looking to BUY!

But wait, why would you trade time for dollars? Chase after non passive income?

Not let your money work for you? Become someone's employee, in a sense? Why sell your soul for just $5 dollars at a time? Is this what you've been reduced to?

No, you're worth far more than that. In fact, our average Fiverr transaction is not only much higher than $5 per job, our production in our early "goof off" experiments averaged slightly higher than $120 per hour, or $2 per minute. And today, I want to show you how!

Important Tip #1:
Don't Make Fiverr Your New J.O.B.
(Just Over Broke)

What's the point of a $1,000 or $10,000 income if you have to "spend" 8-12 hours a day to do it? What good is all the money in the world if you don't have time to spend it, enjoy it, or even spend time doing what fulfills you?

Conclusion: Even if I could show you how we made $4,200 from scratch without a list or product, that process needs to not only be easy, fun, and repeatable, it also needs to be something you can start and finish FAST.

Here's what I mean: you get a quick sale for $5, and it had better only take you less than 5 minutes to earn that money. $20 should take well under 20 minutes, and so on. No 8 hour or even 1 hour commitments here!

Important Tip #2:
Build It to Scale It

As you sleep overnight, people on the Internet looking for a boost in Google rankings, who need videos, audios, writing, editing, proofreading, graphics, or websites created (even if you only have to push one button to do it) find you and place their order…

You wake up (at any time of the day you want), see the orders that rolled in every night, and fulfill them "factory style" (one after another) much faster than one dollar per minute. It's all finished in well under an hour.

What's great about these repeatable money-making tasks is that there are ways to scale. Complete the tasks faster, charge more for less results, add upsells.

This was the original appeal of creating an online business. Once you make that quick money, you apply a few simple tweaks to continuously increase your income while decreasing your effort...

Important Tip #3:
You Can Do It In Less Than An Hour a Day

Even if you consider yourself to be a part-time or retired Internet marketer, think about the number of minutes you probably check your email, over and over, even if there are no new messages. How often do you check Facebook? What about text messages? Message boards?

Chances are, you probably already spend a lot more than an hour per day on your computer anyway, so why not turn that into something that makes money?

Instead of wondering where all the time went and what you meant to do when you sat down at that computer chair, let us show you how to consistently build a micro-job business, pick up profit momentum quickly, scale, and even turn it into a business you can outsource...

We've formulated the exact plan for you to quit that day job, pay off your home, buy that dream car, travel the world, cushion your bank account, and more. Our special "income accelerator" made just for you is called...

Profit Dashboard:
"Earn a Full-Time Online Income
with Part-Time Fiverr Micro-Jobs
Starting From Scratch"

Step 1
Make Your First Sale
(get up and running)
Step 2
Increase Income
(get more upsells)
Step 3
Multiply Profits
(get more customers)
Step 4
(get paid more for less time)

They laughed when I said I was taking $5 dollar payments on Fiverr...
They said I was trading "time for dollars"... until...
I showed them my "1 hour per day" income!

"First Sale in Exactly 7 Days"

Thanks SOLELY to you FREE education and training, I landed my first Fiverr gig in EXACTLY 7 DAYS! With the basic gig plus extras.

Thank you for turning your education and training into REAL $$$!

Corey Stinnett
Centerville, Ohio, USA

Now is the time for you to tap into the "micro-job" stream of income. Even just a couple of years ago, Fiverr was a laughing stock (since everyone literally worked for $5 dollars). Since then, Fiverr has taken a huge market share out of larger sites like Upwork or Freelancer. Fiverr is the 474th highest trafficked site on the Internet. There's easy money (with built-in traffic) for the taking.It's also ultra-important to get a jump on this process, and set it up NOW rather than later, before someone else beats you to it (or you simply forget and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime)...

Fiverr Is The Superior Marketplace
For You To Make Money
(For A Number of Reasons...)

Not only does it send you gobs of buyer traffic on demand, they'll also quickly ramp-up your sales and income once you've proven yourself.

And remember, Fiverr income is usually NOT about little $5 dollar sales! True, five dollar jobs are great ways for new leads to try you out, but we regularly get payments for $40, $95, and $210 that only take MINUTES to fulfill...

If you tried this alone (without a guide), chances are you'll over-work yourself, burn out, or give up before the miracle happens. That's why you need the Profit Dashboard online home study course to setup your Fiverr business, expand that income, multiply your efforts, and finally scale your new business as you have more and more fun with it.

Digital Module 1:
Setup Your Gigs & Make Your First Sale (instant delivery)

Let's not waste time. As soon as you click the "join" button below and become a valued member of our Profit Dashboard online course, you'll see how to list your profit-generating micro-jobs within minutes.

You'll see some real case studies and what works for us, you'll draw from a library of 12+ proven "micro-job" templates that you could literally copy out of our site, and paste into Fiverr. You can either setup all 12 income fountains, or focus on one that interests you (as we've done). You'll also discover and uncover:

  • The 22 second "hack" involving your smartphone that boosted sales for us overnight -- just this alone puts you in the top 10% of sellers
  • Seven quick things (that take less than 10 seconds each) that more than double Fiverr income compared to the typical "lazy" sellers who don't take it seriously
  • How to make more sales by taking LONGER to deliver your orders!
  • How to get your first buyers within the next few days, if not sooner -- from scratch, without a list... if you've been looking for "proof" that making money online from nothing is possible, then this is it!

Our number one goal as you begin your Profit Dashboard journey is for you to scratch your head in wonder and ask yourself, "Is it really that easy and simple? Have I made it too complicated until now?" The answer is most likely a resounding YES!

Join Now: Profit Dashboard »

Digital Module 2:
Increase Income (instant delivery)

Your results and your effort are entirely your own, but we're hoping that once you "break through"... once you're paid for the buttons and clicks you put into the computer, you'll become addicted to making money (in a good way), and you won't want to stop!

Making that first sale was great, but how do you transition from measly $5 sales into meaty $100 and higher priced sales?

We'll show you...

  • How we turn many $5 sales into $25-$45 sales without any extra time or "labor" (easy)
  • The eight ranking factors that put your services at the top of the search results (which means buyers pour in effortlessly)
  • A simple social proof technique you can use after the sale that yields a 5.8% conversion rate (5 out of 100 people who come to the page buy, which is huge)
  • Exactly how to decide in your exact niche and service
  • How to phrase and assemble your titles, descriptions by breaking the "tired" rules of web page copywriting

Using Profit Dashboard, we'll show you how to achieve financial freedom faster simply by following a few simple steps. Do you want money two years from now, or RIGHT now?

Digital Module 3:
Profit Multiplier (instant delivery)

How far do you want to go with this? Are you happy dabbling with just 1 sale a day, or can you pack 10-20 (or more) high paying micro-jobs into one 45-minute session? Luckily, Fiverr wants you to succeed and if you follow the simple rules we show in this course, you'll skyrocket and grow your Fiverr business each and every month...

  • How to claim an instant 220% boost by using three easy (and free) online tools to personalize your gig
  • How to joint venture with other sellers (this is unique to the Fiverr marketplace) and sometimes arbitrage your way to bigger and faster income
  • A simple "tagging" tweak you can apply to your new or existing services (by reverse engineering what's already effective)

We honestly believe that you'll never have to buy any other Fiverr training once you claim your access to Profit Dashboard. In fact, if you've previously heard about Fiverr but dismissed it, we think our course will change your mind forever.

Even if you've never heard of the Fiverr marketplace before, we think that in the coming days and weeks, you'll look back and credit us with introducing you to this new stream of income...

I'm Ready Now: Instant Delivery »

Digital Module 4:
Scale (instant delivery)

What is this all leading to? Let us show you how to always land those $100-$200 and "competition-proof" yourself against other buyers and sellers in the marketplace. While others slave away 12 hours a day just for $10, you're making as much money as you want from just 30-60 minutes per day...

  • How to systematize and literally "click" just a few buttons anytime you want to ask for more sales and talk to your buyers (or prospects)
  • The perfect "litmus test" for deciding what business to take, and which to reject -- yes, we'll get you to the point where you can actually turn away the business you don't want
  • The source of over 50% of our high-ticket ($50 and up) sales... most Fiverr sellers don't use this method at literally miss out on half of their potential sales. We doubled our income as soon as we applied this easy method

Although the results from this course are 100% dependent on you, we want to show you how we've built up enough money to pay for a mortgage, multiple cars, food, travel, bills, and more, from scratch, in just a few months, from just one hour a day.

How much money have you already missed out on by not discovering Profit Dashboard sooner? How much more money will you continue to lose if you don't give us a chance and see what might happen, if and when you apply our system?

Free Bonus 1:
Printable & Searchable PDF Transcripts (instant delivery)

We completely understand that you might be busy or have other commitments. That's why Profit Dashboard is a "go at your own pace" course. Nothing is dripped out. Join within the next few minutes (we have a money back guarantee), and you'll have instant access to all of our Fiverr training...

That means you click on the first module ("How to Get Your First Sale"), and watch the videos (our modules are an action packed 1-2 hours) on your computer, laptop, phone, or tablet.

This isn't a theoretical, "stuck in PowerPoint" type of course. We actually open up our Fiverr account and make money during the training. We show it all! Every module has built-in notes, a checklist, and an assignment.

If video isn't your thing, the entire course is transcribed (written down) with screenshots. That means if you learn better by reading than with video, you can flip through the PDF reader, print it out and have it on your desk, whatever you want.

Free Bonus 2:
Micro-Job Template Library (instant delivery)

Profit Dashboard is designed for you to quickly master Fiverr, without any frustration, and take control over your own destiny. If that means you simply turn it on during a week when you want more money, if it means you want to put in a full 30-60 minutes per day, if you want to master only ONE skill or leverage 10-12 money-making activities, then this is the course for you.

Simply login to the member's area (after you join), at any time 24 hours a day, grab the pre-written "job descriptions" from our fully tested swipe file, and paste it right into your Fiverr account. Then watch the orders roll in.

Free Bonus 3:
Two-on-One 40-Minute Coaching Call (instant delivery)

And finally, we don't want you to go it alone. It's one thing to show you how WE did it (done). It's even better to show YOU how to follow in our footsteps (done). But where do you go where you get stuck?

We'll meet with you over the phone (both Lance and Robert). After joining Profit Dashboard, if you want to schedule time to meet with us, do it! If you're halfway through the course and you decide that's the time to schedule your live 40 minute telephone coaching call, great, do it! If you've completed the course, and maybe even setup some Fiverr income, you're free to meet with us to find out how to improve even more...

Free Bonus 4:
4-Disc DVD Set (mailed to you)

Free Bonus 5:
251-Page Printed Manual (mailed to you)

Join Profit Dashboard: Includes These Bonuses »

A Personal Note to Anyone
Who Could Use An Additional Stream of Income...

Join the Profit Dashboard home study course now, while it's still fresh on your mind. You'll want this step-by-step guide to generate additional income for a number of reasons:

  • We provide a library of copy and paste templates so you can hit the ground running immediately
  • The entire process is checklist-based and is easily duplicatable and repeatable (you know exactly where your progress is)
  • We've made this happen in the time-span of just a few short months, so this is a proven system... there really is light at the end of the internet marketing tunnel
  • Fiverr income is fun and scalable! We treat this as a video game. How high can we set the high score?
  • This grows quickly, at least for us. We started from scratch and didn't have to wait for years, or even put in long hours, to see results...
  • Avoid the mistakes you'd make fumbling around on your own. Imagine if you had to teach yourself to drive a car, or to swim, or to add numbers? You need a mentor or a guide, it's just that simple.
  • Try us out. See if this works. What would you do with even an extra $1000 of walking around money?

This is Urgent:
Don't Miss Out On This!

  • What would the haters and naysayers say if you failed in your online adventure? You would be proving them right. Even if Fiverr income is only a temporary situation or "side gig" for you, we built a $1000-$5000 per month from just 30-60 minutes per day.
  • If you don't take the jump and apply this technique to your new or existing online business, will you be able to live with that future guilt of what you might have achieved? Don't waste your potential...
  • Profit Dashboard is the perfect answer if you're looking to try something new, expand your business, make use of a free hour or even tell that annoying nephew (or niece) how he (or she) can finally make their first dollars online...

I'm Ready to Join "Profit Dashboard"...

Why the heck would I "work" for only 5 dollars?
Isn't that slave labor? Is this work?

The average Fiverr seller makes less than $90 after 6 months and drops out quickly, because they don't have Profit Dashboard as their proven guide. Our average price point is much higher than $5, our average sale takes us less than 3 minutes to fulfill, and we can line them all up and complete our tasks all in well under an hour each morning.

What money-making actions will I be taking exactly?

We'll show you the tasks we perform, but you can do anything you want. Some people record videos, audios, or write headlines. Other people take pictures, hand out flyers, test out websites, churn out graphics (customize a template), or click a button on traffic software.

Why are you giving away all your secrets?

We're so excited about this new income stream we've discovered, that we want to share it with you and see your results. The Fiverr community is so huge, growing at such a fast pace, and there is such a wide variety of services available, that even thousands of new sellers won't put a dent in anyone's income. Everybody wins!

Can I really start and stop anytime I want?

You're just one click away from setting a "vacation" mode if you want to take weeks or months off. In fact, many Fiverr sellers take 10-20 days to deliver orders just because they want to build an income on their own terms.

Can you guarantee my income? How soon can will I become a millionaire?

No one can promise you results. We can only show you what we've done to build this additional stream of income from scratch. What you choose to do with the system we provide is up to you.

What exactly am I getting within the next few minutes?

Click the "Join Now" button below, and you'll instantly register an account for Profit Dashboard. You'll get all the videos, PDF reports (transcripts with screenshots), copy and paste Fiverr templates, checklists and challenges. You'll get everything you need to build that Fiverr income. There is no fluff and no nickel-and-diming here!

Let Me Into Profit Dashboard Now »

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
"Profit Dashboard"
Online Training Course...

Online Training: 4 Modules
Module 1: Setup Your Gig and Make Your First Sale
Get started quickly, within the next few minutes
Module 2: Increase Income
Use ranking factors to increase reviews & traffic
Module 3: Profit Multiplier
Joint venture & add videos
Module 4: Scale
Custom orders & canned responses
Time Limited Bonuses
Bonus 1: Printable & Searchable PDF Guides (plus video) $497.00
Bonus 2: Micro-Job Template Library $997.00
Bonus 3: Two-on-One Coaching Call with Robert & Lance $995.00
Bonus 4: Four Disc DVD Set Mailed to You $295.00
Bonus 5: 251-Page Manual Mailed to You $195.00
Included Today
Challenges for Each Module: easy assignment after each session $497.00
Video & Audio Training: available 24 hours a day $197.00
Transcripts: view or print anytime $197.00
Checklists: step-by-step easy installation $197.00
Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day forever $497.00

Total Real World Value Today:

Your Price Today:
Just $247

$133 Until Monday, May 4th, 2020

And It Comes with This 30-Day
"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If you can't complete this system within the next 30 days, I demand you fire me from your business and you get your refund.

But I'm confident you'll stay in, you'll implement our systems, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

Priority Profit Dashboard Order Form

"Single Payment" Option

Instant Delivery: Entire Profit Dashboard course

  • $247 today temporary reduced to $133
  • Lifetime access to training
  • 30 day "money-back" guarantee
  • Entire course delivered today

1 payment today: Sun, Jul 12, 2020

"Payment Plan" Option

Instant Delivery: Entire Profit Dashboard course

  • $49.95 $26.95 today, then 4 more payments of $49.95 $26.95 spaced 30 days apart
  • Lifetime access to training
  • 30 day "money-back" guarantee
  • Entire course delivered today

Final payment: Mon, Nov 9, 2020

P.S. After joining Profit Dashboard, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the entire training course (videos, PDF documents, and templates) in the next few minutes.

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